Looking for aluminum processed products or wrought copper products for your connectors and lead frames? YAMAKIN (JAPAN) CO.,LTD. is here for you.


Description of Business

Yamakin provides products particulaly made of nonferrous metals to a variety of industries including electric, telecommunications, machinery, automobiles, shipbuilding, pharmaceuticals, and food. We deploy total outsourcing services associated with procurement to accommodate the needs of our customers ranging from distribution to consulting information systems, and engineering.

Nonferrous Metal Materials
Nonferrous Metal Processing
Manufacturing and Sales of Nonferrous Metal Products
Yamazaki Bulk System

Three strengths of Yamakin

Since its foundation in the 19th century, Yamakin has continued to provide nonferrous metal materials for over 130 years. Our products range from the grommets of Japanese traditional socks, telephone switchboards, and tube frameworks for cameras to electronic components for automobiles and smartphones. We have provided nonferrous metal products that meet the needs and the quality of the time. We will continue to leverage our accumulated experience and know-how to provide products that meet the needs of our customers.

  • Over 130 years of history and achievements
  • Integrated Purchasing and Processing Structure
  • Assured Quality Control

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