Looking for aluminum processed products or wrought copper products for your connectors and lead frames? YAMAKIN (JAPAN) CO.,LTD. is here for you.


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Manufacturing and Sales of Nonferrous Metal Products

We handle a wide range of products from nonferrous metals to electronics-related products.
We handle a wide range of products from nonferrous metals to electronics-related products.

We help you procure a variety of materials from nonferrous metals such as wrought copper and aluminum products to various resin products and electronics-related products such as electric wires and cables. Yamakin has nurtured its expertise while meeting with customers’ demands and expanding the procurement networks of each material. We can respond to your requests for procuring special materials in right quantities on the right schedule based on careful consulting.

Main Products

Wrought Copper Products

Wrought Copper Products
Copper and copper alloy plates and strips Copper and copper alloy pipe joint
Beryllium copper for springs, plates, strips, and wires made of phosphor bronze and nickel silver Various composite plates, strips and wires
Copper band containing copper and silver Various connector materials
Copper and copper alloy bars Various lead frame materials and lead materials
Copper plates and strips containing silver and tin Lead plates, tubes, and wires
Copper and brass deformed bars, wires, and tubes Various alloy castings
Various copper alloy rectangular wires Zinc plates and die-castings
Various copper alloy wires Solder and flux
Various wires and strips with copper alloy plating Titanium plats, strips, bars, and tubes
Copper band containing copper and silve Bare metal scrap
Copper band containing copper and silver  

Aluminum Products

Aluminum Products
Aluminum and aluminum alloy Aluminum alloy brazing materials and brazing sheets
Free-cutting light alloy tubes and bars Various processing
Bright aluminum alloy plate and strip formed materials Magnesium alloy
Aluminum alloy casting and precision casting Aluminum alloy plates for memory disks
Aluminum and aluminum alloy and bare metals Aluminum die materials
Various heat exchangers Functional surface treatment materials

Electronics-Related Products

Electronics-Related Products
Semiconductor materials Magnetic materials
Resistor and capacitor materials Glass sealing materials
Terminal connector materials Sintered materials
Electronic connector materials Materials for measurement and control
Materials for electronic magnetron Wiring materials for electronic equipment
Materials for compact precision motors Optic fibers related materials
Heat generation materials Semiconductor gallium materials
Heat dissipation materials Chip component mounter
Elastic materials Processing of precision components
Magnetic head materials Paper and phenol laminated composite plates

Synthetic resin

Synthetic resin
Various engineering resins Printed circuit boards
Various general-purpose resins Paper and phenol laminated composite plates
Various heat-curing resins Glass epoxy laminated composite plates
Various synthetic resin molded products Metal-based laminated composite plates /td>
Prototype and mass production dies for synthetic resin Ceramic laminated composite plates
Sealing materials for electronic components Adhesive tapes for electronic components
Ultraviolet (UV) curing resin and adhesive Electronic function materials
Ultraviolet (UV) curing equipment  

Wires and cables

Wires and cables
Covered electric wires High-heat-resistance insulated wires
Power cables Flat cables and ribbon cables
Bare wires Oxygen-free copper speaker cords
Winding Optical fiber cables
Communication cables Optical data link and digital link
Wiring cables for electronic devices Optical fiber scopes
Cables between electronic devices Cables for industrial robots
High-frequency coaxial cables Mobile power products and insulation materials