Looking for aluminum processed products or wrought copper products for your connectors and lead frames? YAMAKIN (JAPAN) CO.,LTD. is here for you.


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Since we founded our business in the current head office location in 1893, we have been providing our clients with nonferrous metal materials for over 120 years. Many of our clients have been working with us for over 80 years. We are committed to perform solid business operations that are not affected by profits in the immediate term while maintaining a good relationship nurtured over time with our clients. The basic stances on our business management are:


  • 1. Independent and specialized management
    Avoid a conflict of interest with clients.
  • 2. Maintain the continuity of the management policy
    Establish a mutual trust through long-term business relationships.
  • 3. Quality is more important than quantity
    Pursue growth while ensuring proper services.

In addition to the conventional functions as a trading company, we started nonferrous metal processing and development, manufacturing, and sales of the bulk systems in 2000 in order to meet a diverse need of clients.
Since then, in order to provide high-value-added products with higher quality, we have been improving our systems by launching the Quality Assurance Department and investing in processing machinery.
In the future, we will focus on developing products with low environmental impact while endeavoring to expand overseas locations in order to provide swift procurement services for rapidly-growing clients overseas